Established in 1996, Shenzhen Hazens Real Estate Group Company is a large corporation which has its foothold in South China and explores the global market with “Constructing cities, creating future” as its mission and regional real estate operation as its undertaking. The past 20 years have witnessed its diversified development based on real estate development with endeavors in such industries as commercial operation, financial service, high-end healthcare, premium hotels and travels, international education, investor immigration and property services.

Ranking among “Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Companies” for 10 consecutive years, Hazens Group has excellent cross-regional and multi-industrial operation capacity and a perfect capital structure system. At present, the Group holds over 30 wholly-owned subsidiaries in China with the real estate business in cities including Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, Yantai, Sanya and Yanji etc., forming four product lines of HOPSCA, urban premium residences, urban exquisite residences and seaside holiday resorts.

In Shenzhen, where its head office is located, Hazens has made a pioneer in the urban renewal of the city. Since the group started operation in the old town reconstruction project in 2004, it has successfully reconstructed and developed many large urban renewal projects such as Hazens Xingyuan project, Hazens Jinhu Yiyuan project, Hazens Huiyicheng project, Hazens Rongyue project, Hazens Guanlanhui project and Hazens Danjun project with a total urban renewal area of over a million square meters completed, which provides the Group with abundant experience of urban renewal and development. Moreover, the Group reserves numbers of urban renewal projects in such regions as Longhua District, Baoan District, Longgang District, Yantian District and Dapeng District, which will bring about more changes to this city.

In 2013, since Hazens established the “internationalized and diversified”development strategy, Hazens has successful acquired the Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles Airport Hotel and the Los

Angeles Luxe City Center Hotel and invested in the construction of the Sheraton-San Gabriel Hotel and the Hazens-Los Angeles Center Integrated Project. Taking Los Angeles as the center, Hazens will spare no efforts to expand business in overseas real estate development + investment immigration, theme park + hotel investment and operation, high-end healthcare + pension service and international education.

In this great era of radicalness and instant changes, Hazens will go with the tide of the times and keep focusing on the real estate industry with more forward-looking thoughts and far-reaching visions. It aims to build an Chinese first-tier integrated real estate enterprise thatkeeps abreast with globalization by following the orientation of urban value reshaping and life quality promotion, adhering to the business philosophy of win-win development between economic and social benefits and adopting a more advanced and appropriate diversification strategy.