Practical and innovative

Practical: Working in a steady and diligent style without boasting to provide customers with quality products with exquisite workmanship; taking “urban operation” as corporate social responsibility.

Innovative: Leading reform in active stance with strengthened crisis awareness and promoting core competence with international perspective in such fields as business mode, management, technology, product and service.

Simple and efficient

Sincere communication: Constructing a simple and transparent management atmosphere by sticking to sincere interpersonal communication without  absolute obedience or arbitrary decision-making.

Flexible and efficient: Achieving the final goal of maximizing the benefits starting from enhancing organizational performance with horizontal organization and flexible management instead of rigidly adhering to dogma or stereotype.


Respecting talents: Breaking the priority of promotion according to seniority and refusing to demand perfection, so as to give full play to employees’ potential and dynamic role to share the achievements of development.

Being kind to talents: Acknowledging the employees with material incentive, giving them spiritual encouragement and showing care in action to provide them with an open and tolerant work environment.

Promoting talents: Developing a platform to give full play to employees’ values by leading them to make the best of their advantages and giving them promotions and authorization with the wisdom and courage to select and promote them..

Win-win in good faith

Good faith: Treating customers by honoring words with real actions and observing commitment with reputation; treating employees by uniting the teams with honesty and selecting talents with good faith.

Win-win: Sharing risks and profits to achieve common goals and sustainable development under shared values.