Jiayin Capital and Financial Holding Platform has several financial holding platforms like Jiayin Assets, Jiayin Funds, Jiayin Financial Leasing and Jiayin Pawnshop, which cover a wide range of businesses such as securities investment, private placement, assets management, financial consultation, M&A at home and abroad, foreign investment, financial leasing, equity investment, disposal of non-performing assets and pawning.

  • Since its establishment, Jiayin Asset has been adhering to the creativeness of Hazens Group, insisting on the principles of being normal, professional and market-oriented and exerting synergy based on the strong brand reputation of Hazens Group and the advantages of the comprehensive financial platform held by Hazens; meanwhile, it has also been exploring new financial patterns based on values, professional judgment and rich experience, so as to achieve the multi-step business development targets and financial service demands in different phases of the enterprise to assist its growth. Jiayin Asset also provides integrated financial solutions in the process of restructuring or M&A of listed and pre-listed companies.

    At present, Jiayin Asset is actively implementing its business transformation towards providing diversified and all-round financial services, so as to become a leading financial service group oriented to asset management.

  • As a new force in the field of private equity investment of China, Jianyin Fund will set its mission as “Creating Values and Serving Communities” and stick to the essential culture of “Modesty and Professionalism” and the core ideal of “Moderate Operation and Creative Development” with the vision to become more professional, proficient and robust and grow into a top-notch innovative investment company in China. The Company will endeavor in issuance and management of private equity investment (PE), venture capital (VC), special investment funds and other investment funds for the pre-listed companies, and provide professional, innovative and all-round financial services for the M&A funds, private placement funds and NEEQ/private placement investment funds to listed companies. Meanwhile, Jiayin Fund will also provide such services as consultation, structure design, issuance and underwriting and management for investment/with funding, real estate funds, industrial funds, etc. in the secondary markets.

    The key investment fiends of Jiayin Fund include: Enterprises with high technologies, added values, growth and innovate patterns, in such fields as new energy, new materials, new technologies, TMT, mass logistics, bio-medicine, energy saving and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacture and artificial intelligence.

    Securities Investment Funds

    As one of the core business sectors of Jiayin Funds, securities investment funds are mainly invested in stock markets by expert investment and research teams with professional strategies, with the aim to pursue higher capital appreciation in a mid-and-long term for the fund holders through investing in stocks with both high intrinsic values and healthy growth and actively grasping the benefit opportunities in the fluctuating stock markets.

    Currently operating securities investment funds: Jiayin Selective Growth

    Private Placement Funds

    As an important business sector of Jiayin Funds for participating in securities market investment, private placement funds are intended to continuously build wealth for the fund holders through participation in private placements of the listed companies in the form of strategic investment supported by professional investment and research teams in creative new financial patterns.

    Private placement funds planned to establish: Jiayin Joint Benefit No. 2

    Other Funds

    In addition to private placement funds and securities investment funds, Jiayin Funds will also pay attention to money market funds, non-standard credit asset funds, etc., so as to provide more options for investors with various risk preferences and maximize the benefits of fund holders meanwhile reasonably avoid risks.

    Currently operating funds: Jiayin Joint Benefit No. 1

  • Possessing an outstanding management team that gathers veteran experts in such fields as finance, real estate, consultation and assessment and legal affairs, Jiayin Pawnshop provides instant, reliable, professional, considerate and diversified financing services under normative and scientific management for individuals and SMEs in urgent need of capital, as well as unleashes the assets and provides regular and safe wealth management facilities for the affluent clients.

    When operating traditional financing businesses like pawning, mortgaging, pledging and loaning, the Company focuses on promoting regular and rapid mortgaging and pledging services for SMEs and individuals and creating instant financing channels for SMEs. With the objective of “Efficiency and Convenience”, Jiayin Pawnshop has created a new normative pawning pattern of “Mass Circulation of Idle Capital and New Breakthrough in Financing Patterns” by means of regular and professional management and advanced information technologies following the operation ideal of “Wealth Management, Financing and Development for Clients” . The Company provides SMEs, private companies and all sectors of the community with professional, regular and convenient financing channels through such pawning businesses as mortgaging and pledging, and thus serves as an efficient “private small bank” for SMEs and individuals.

  • Jiayin Financial Leasing will set foot in Shenzhen and expand nationwide to actively seek cooperation paths with leasing industries, banks and local governments, carry out joint leasing business that aims to promote continuous development of local leasing markets, and set up a favorable image therein; meanwhile, the Company will follow the operation ideal of “Honesty, Pragmatism, Solidarity and Innovation” and sincerely cooperates with all sectors of the community in a brand-new pattern, so as to jointly create a bright future for the leasing business of China.  

    The business scope of Jiayin Financial Leasing includes: Financial leasing, leasing, purchasing leased assets from home and abroad, disposal and repair of residual values of leased assets, consultation and security for leasing transactions and other businesses approved by competent authorities. The Company will actively engage in financial leasing and operational leasing of transportation vehicles like aircraft and ships and such items as medical, printing and power saving equipments according to market demands, meanwhile arrange sublease, renting and leaseback as requested by clients, as well as sell off and dispose of residual values of leased items as needed, and provide security and consultation for leasing transactions.