Since its establishment in 1998, Shenzhen Hazens Real Property Service Co., Ltd. has stuck to the idea of “Natural and Considerate Anytime” and strictly implemented the ISO9001 quality system. The company keeps providing the proprietors of real properties developed by Hazens with formal, professional, standard and market-oriented innovative services, which make the company rank among “Top 50 Real Property Service Enterprises of Shenzhen” for multiple times.

  • Hazens Property Management has built a well-educated and highly qualified management team with senior technicians as the backbone and medium technicians as the main force, as well as a “young, professional and professional” service team, which have been providing high-quality property management services for the residents of complexes and gained market reputation for consecutive years. In 2014 and 2015, the Company was awarded an excellent member of Shenzhen Real Property Management Industry Association for two consecutive years, and ranked among “Top 50 Property Services Enterprises of Shenzhen” at the same time.

    So far, Hazens Property Management has expanded its business all over china, including projects under management in such cities as Shenzhen, Huizhou, Dongguan, Sanya, Yantai and Yanji, with the project types covering residence, villa, commerce and urban complex which are providing professional property management services for the projects developed by Hazens, with an area of properties under management of over 10 million ㎡ for more than 20,000 property owners.

    An area of properties under managementof over 10 million ㎡ for more than 20,000 property owners.

    Projects under management

    Hazens Garden, Hazens Mingyuan, Xiangyi Mingyuan, Hazens Jiayuan, Hazens Yiyuan, Hazens Xingyuan, Hazens Jinyuan, Hazens Ruiyuan, Hazens Jinhu Yiyuan, Hazens Huiyicheeng, Hazens Zhongyang Yuanzhu, Hazens Rongyue, Hazens Xiangmi Yuanzhu, Hazens Danjun and Hazens Guanlanhui.