Longteng Project

| Super Future Town in East Shenzhen |

Stretching across a total floor area of 1,500,000 ㎡, this project puts together head offices, shopping malls, international hotels, business apartments and high-class residences, including 730,000 ㎡ of residences, 210,000 ㎡ of commerce, 200,000 ㎡ of industries and 360,000 ㎡ of business apartments and offices, as an assembly of the solid strength of Hazens for 20 years, which will lead the urban upgrade of Longgang.

Located in the CBD of Longgang District next to the “Three Venues and One Town” under construction and closely connected to Jixiang Station of Shenzhen Metro, Line 3, this project will be built into a future new town with perfect fusion of urban charms and waterside lifestyle, which seamlessly connects architectures with river-view axis and integrates commerce, public life and aquatic culture, based on the urban construction blueprint of the Singapore River Waterfront.

Hazens Guanlanhui

| A Flagship Mall over Longhua District, Urban Center of 1 million ㎡ |

Covering a huge area of nearly 1,000,000 ㎡, including multiple industries like 490,000 ㎡ of noble residences, 120,000 ㎡ of flagship commerce, 40,000 ㎡ of boutique business apartments and 50,000 ㎡ of landmark offices, together with a nine-year public school and a public kindergarten planned inside.

Located above the Shenzhen Metro, Line 4 (Longhua Line), this project is developed in three phases as a large-scale livable intelligent composite community. Phase 1 features smart real properties, Phase 2 is a Hong Kong-style high-quality intelligent residential community and Phase 3 consists of superior-quality deluxe residences that pursuit an exquisite life style. After completion, this project will become a new metropolitan center on the central axis between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Hazens Huiyicheng

| Flagship Mall and International Community Above Shenzhen Metro, Line 1 |

As a magnificent masterpiece of 330,000 ㎡, Hazens Huiyicheng is the first large-scale HOPSCA in Qianhai that integrates mega commerce, superior apartments and residences, including 160,000 ㎡ of residences for 2,067 suites and a flagship mall of 80,000 ㎡, supported by a French-style garden of 10,000 ㎡, a constant-temperature swimming pool, etc.

Located above Shenzhen Metro, Line 1 as the center of Qianhai, Shenzhen plus Asian-Pacific cities group and the experimental field of cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the project enjoys supporting facilities of RMB 100 billion, which makes it a special zone in the Special Zone. Sticking to the development idea of “Creating the center for Qianhai”, Hazens Huiyicheng has become the sub-center landmark community in the center of Qianhai.