1、Double-track system

Hazens and Watson Wyatt (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a world-famous management consultation company, have jointly established a “double-spiral” channel for the development of employees.

Career development hierarchy for professionals (technical sequence):

Encouraging the employees to develop deeply into the professional fields that they are fond of and good at, and finally making them the “senior experts” in such fields;

Career development hierarchy for managers (managerial sequence):

Encouraging the employees who love managerial works and have the genius for leadership to grow into “enterprise managers” in combination with their orientations and specialties.

In addition, the group also supports the professionals in transforming from the technical sequence to the managerial sequence, providing a larger space to advance their careers.

2、”Hasons” Fostering System

The employees of Hazens Group recruited from campus are called “Hasons”.

Double-position Scheme:

For the “Hasons”, Hazens will arrange a one-year position-shifting training and fixed-position internship, so that the fresh graduates can recognize the company culture and clarify their orientations.

Double-tutor Scheme:

Each of the “Hasons” is attentively fostered with the double-tutor scheme:

The employer department assigns the “department tutors” who will be responsible for coordination and exchange of tutoring, as well as tutoring and assessment during the fixed-position phase.

The position-shifting department appoints the “intern tutors” who will be in charge of tutoring and assessment during the position-shifting internship phase.

3、“Elites” Fostering System

As highly potential employees of Hazens, “Elites” are the backup talent echelon for general manager or department manager levels. The “Elites” fostering system selects the outstanding employees in the whole group and focuses on their training and development in order to reserve managerial talents for Hazens, with the details as follows:


Holding a class opening ceremony with a strong ritual sense to clarify the responsibilities of the trainees and tutors, enhance the class atmosphere and lay down the open mentality for study;


By multiple scientific means, making the “Elites” realize objective self-perception, find their shortcomings in competence and formulate feasible personal development plans;


Through implementation of personal development plans (PDP), helping the trainees comprehensively master the knowledge of the whole process of operating real estate enterprise projects, as well as rapidly improving the managerial abilities through challenging tasks.

4、Training and Development

Following the principles of “strict recruitment, effective stimulation, intensive training and continuous growth”, the human resource department implements professional and consecutive training to support the employees in persistent self-appreciation and comprehensively promotes their professional competence and occupational quality, so as to ensure their growth together with the enterprise in their favorable careers.
The training and fostering approaches mainly include: Leadership development, professional competence training, survey and exchange at home and abroad, internal study and action learning.