Shining the City with Magnificence - Hazens Danjun Opening for Hot Sales

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Hazens Danjun, the first new complex released in Shenzhen of the year, was open for sale on January 7, 2017 regardless of the traditional off season of real estate market near the Spring Festival, captivating numerous wise clients with its high quality and visualized quasi-completed properties.

Grand Opening of Hazens Danjun

Bursting location potentials of immediate realization of habitation value

Neighboring to Luohu District and holding the strategic location for Shenzhen marching eastwards, Hazens Danjun shares with such branded developers as Vanke, China Merchants, China Resources and Kingkey in the urban renewal of Buji Sub-district with a total area of 9 million square meters, aiming for overall environmental improvement and upgrade of habitation value.

External Façade of Hazens Danjun Quasi-completed Properties

Quasi-completed properties adjacent to metro and schools

With an total floor area of approximately 180,000 m2, Hazens Danjun enjoys convenient transport networks including the rail transit system composed of the existing Metro Lines 3 and 5 and the planned Metro Lines 14 and 17, and the express ways such as Longgang Avenue, Banli Avenue, Danping Express Way and Shuiguan Expressway. The complex is only 870 meters away from Danzhutou Station of Metro Line 3, 3 stations away from East Shenzhen Railway Station, and 10 stations away from business areas like Shun Hing Square and Shenzhen International Trade Center.

The complex possesses rich education resources ranging from kindergartens to middle schools, covering education for different school ages including the six-year public Danzhutou Primary School right beside it. In the community, there a Southern California style garden of approximately 12,000 m2, where more than 60 types of nursery stocks and 500 large-and-medium trees are planted in the most enjoyable scenery after 3 years’ cultivation.

Garden and Swimming Pool of Hazens Danjun

Quasi-completed properties of Hazens Danjun are now open for sales. Just sign contracts in August and move inside in October. From the architecture to the garden, from the materials to the crafts, everything is for your comfortable quality habitation.

Danzhutou Primary School Beside the Complex